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Red Baron
Red Baron
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Product description

A Bookshelf made entirely with aluminium. The shelves are single two or three metre lengths of extruded aluminium. The aluminium posts have a structural steel core. The solid aluminium feet have steel glides for height adjustment. A series of minimal aluminium blocks allows the anchorage of the back and side panels in either wood or glass. Combination of these elements offer performance and ensures ease of assembly. The aluminium can be finished in anodized bronze, painted or wood. For the wood finish the upper part of shelves and the vertical posts are wrapped in a wood veneer.

Dimensions: W 200/300 D 45 H 160/240

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Red Baronis a modular bookshelfthat focuses on material essence and personalized finishing for a unique touch and look, designed to store and display remarkable collections. The support structure is made with steel posts clad in anodized extruded aluminium, while the shelves have a refined aluminium finish. The parts allow for compositions of different heights and lengths, using modules one meter in width and 45 centimeters in depth. Red Baronalways has a clean, transparent image in terms of form, with a visible, solid structure.Delicate but forceful lines generate aharmonious aesthetic balance, the result of removal of any superfluous elements in a project that puts a clear accent on its contemporary character.From the residence to the workplace, the bookshelfcan alter its function while maintaining its aesthetic characteristics, depending on the choice of materials –extra-clear tempered glass or chestnut wood –which can also be applied in a mixed approach for the back and sides. The result is a family open to expansion, easily coordinated with the other productsin the Knoll collection.