Product description

TECU® Gold
A copper combination – as good as gold
Gold doesn’t always have to glitter: TECU® Gold, a new copper-aluminium alloy for façade cladding, oxidises very soon after it has been installed on the building – gradually forming a striking warm golden surface which, although it doesn’t glitter, is still unmistakably reminiscent of a valuable precious metal.

Façades clad with TECU® Gold have a distinctive, pleasing and unique quality. So this impression lasts, the surface changes very little over time. Further colour changes due to patination processes are hardly noticeable on the façade surfaces.

TECU® Gold is a CuAl5-grade alloy of copper and aluminium. When subjected to the influences of the weather the original greenish golden tone develops its own unique character. Like all TECU® quality alloys, TECU® Gold also offers outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability as well as exceptional stability and material rigidity. The material can be easily cold-formed and processed with the manual techniques that are normally used for copper. Because of ist special material properties TECU® Gold is also ideally suited for large-scale applications.

The surface of TECU® Gold is covered with a protective film for safe transporting and working on the construction site. The protective film should be removed immediately after installation.

Product family


„Copper Alloys for Façade Cladding“

TECU ® quality copper alloys are exciting new highlights in façade design. Lively, distinctive and durable – typical of TECU ® products. High-quality, easy to work with and with the same striking aesthetic qualities as in the whole line of TECU ® surfaces – but with their own individual character.
TECU ® Brass, TECU ® Bronze and TECU ® Gold offer architects completely new creative possibilities for façade solutions – with unmistakable, high-quality surfaces that are just as astounding and inspiring as copper itself.