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TECU® Classic | Facade
TECU® Classic | Facades
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„Copper for Roofing and Façade Cladding“

Lasting value, durable yet changeable

In the beginning, the architecture grade material is bright red rolled copper. But what follows is an ever-changing spectacle of weather, light and the natural, lively language of the material: After installation on the building, TECU ® Classic retains its typical bright red copper colouring for a period of time. Changes are very gradual and not entirely predictable – just like the weather, which, in turn, is solely responsible for copper’s continual changes. First, the surface turns matt. Gradually, the material develops an oxide layer to protect it against the effects of weathering. This process brings with it striking colour variations through an entire range of brown tones, offering varying nuances according to change of light and season.

Ultimately, on the sloping surfaces, the colour process yields a robust green patina – as is typical for copper surfaces. This patina lends the cladding its distinctive character, at the same time providing long-lasting protection for decades to come.


“This material will always be among the most beautiful that architecture has to offer.”

TECU® Classic sheets and strips are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities according to DIN EN 1172 and KME’s own strict guidelines. They are made of Cu-DHP – oxygen-free, phosphorus-deoxidised copper with limited residual phosphorus. Cu-DHP is well suited to welding and soldering, and its purity levels according to DIN 1787 “Copper, Semi-Finished” amounts to at least 99.9%. Cu-DHP is outstandingly malleable, regardless of temperature or the direction of rolling. Both roofing and façade grades surpass the requirements of DIN EN 1172 in relation to tolerances and the most important technological values. This gives the processed surface an excellent visual appearance.

The surface

“The parts of the structure form a harmonious whole, and every detail brings across the designer’s original idea.”

Initially, TECU® Classic sheets and strips have the optical quality of a blank copper surface. After installation, they develop a matt dark brown colouring from weathering and oxidation. On sloping surfaces, the oxide layers transform due to the influences of substances in the air and moisture when alkaline copper compounds are formed. A typical copper patina green develops over time. This lends the building an unmistakeable accent, and also gives rise to protective qualities that ensure an outstanding longevity of the material.

Processing and Installation

“What a material! What possibilities!”

After installation, the physical appearance of TECU® Classic is influenced by the installation and the system applied. A combination of copper’s typical properties, such as malleability, high ultimate elongation, high melting point etc. lend TECU® Classic its special suitability for all metal-specific processing techniques, from traditional seaming to modern cladding. Façade-grade and roofinggrade TECU® Classic are available for a very wide range of constructions. Both grades surpass the requirements laid out in DIN EN 1172 and make it possible to achieve excellent visual effects on wall cladding and roofing. The enhanced façade grade, with its greater flatness tolerance, is especially suited to exterior wall cladding.