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Product description

TECU® Brass
Time tested as an alloy, redefined for architecture: Brass, one of the best known copper materials, is now available in the new TECU® Brass grade, created by blending a spezial alloy of copper and zinc. The result is an extremely robust façade material that changes dramatically when exposed to the atmosphere, as uniquely as pure copper.

Weathering changes the original reddish golden colour of TECU® Brass; after the initial matting the surface takes on a greenish brown tone, which slowly turns greyish brown before evolving into a dark brown-anthracite colour. On sloping surfaces, patina layer – typical of copper, yet totally unique – gradually develops.

The individual aesthetic features have further impressive advantages: TECU® Brass offers outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability as well as exceptional stability and material rigidity. The material can be cold-formed exceptionally well and is easy to solder. Because of its special material properties TECU® Brass is also ideally suited for large-scale applications.

The surface of TECU® Brass is covered with a protective film for safe transporting and working on the construction site. The protective film should be removed immediately after installation.

Product family


„Copper Alloys for Façade Cladding“

TECU ® quality copper alloys are exciting new highlights in façade design. Lively, distinctive and durable – typical of TECU ® products. High-quality, easy to work with and with the same striking aesthetic qualities as in the whole line of TECU ® surfaces – but with their own individual character.
TECU ® Brass, TECU ® Bronze and TECU ® Gold offer architects completely new creative possibilities for façade solutions – with unmistakable, high-quality surfaces that are just as astounding and inspiring as copper itself.