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Custom Solutions
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The versatility of KLEEMANN Design enables us to meet every prerequisite and overcome any obstacle, limitation or time restriction. KLEEMANN focuses in safety and ensures that any adaptations strictly comply with the industry standards and regulations.

From a luxurious world-class hotel to a typical family residence, from a public building to a sports venue or from a local school to a complex hospital building, KLEEMANN brings the right solution.

Besides a comprehensive range of standardised lifts, KLEEMANN can offer custom made lift solutions suitable for any special solution. Towards this direction we assist our customers to define their accurately vertical transportation needs and we design and manufacture following in detail the agreed specifications.

Among our most popular lift solutions are vandal resistant lifts, firefighter’s lifts, earthquake lifts, super sized hydraulic (up to 20tn rated load) and traction lifts, special panoramic lifts, car lifts (rotated platform is an option too) and scissor lifts.

Latest KLEEMANN custom solutions include a traction MRL lift with a rated load of 6 tn, a double piston indirect acting hydraulic lift with a pit of 100 mm and a round shaped panoramic hydraulic lift.

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