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Multicom meets every conceivable meeting and communication requirement. With its high quality and flexibility the table range is perfect for video and online meetings, training sessions, other types of presentations and for larger or smaller groups. Multicom is available in a large range of models - as a standing table, meeting table or as an individual work station table. The modular design makes it possible to construct different formations, everything from circular meeting places to traditional long tables. Furthermore, the range is adapted for today's technology, with stylish solutions for multimedia, network and power connections, and if you wish built-in LED lighting. The design is pure and simple, with a strong feel for details. Multicom is extremely easy to assemble and can in essence be put together by hand, without tools.

Meetings play an increasingly important role in the workplace. Much work occurs in groups and we need to meet to work and create value together. Needs alternate and interiors must therefore be adaptable to different circumstances, groups and individuals. Multicom is flexible and works in many different contexts - from the standing, spontaneous meeting holding a cup of coffee to the more formal company meeting, the recurring department meeting or the representative customer visit. Our extensive range also includes many different types of task and meeting chairs which can be combined with Multicom.