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An advanced and ergonomically correct desk chair featuring Kinnarps’ cutting-edge development – the Kinnarps ComfortControl®, a control panel on each side, allowing the user to fine-tune the chair whilst seated and create the perfect seating position. The 9000 can be combined with three different seats and four different backs to match different tastes and requirements. The chair is also available with the additional Sport or Advance options, taking the comfort of the chair to a new level. The 9000 family also includes visitor and conference chairs.

HEADREST OPTIONAL The anatomic headrest N1 is available as option for all versions of 9000 and can be fitted later on chairs already delivered. The headrest has a three-joint function which you can easily control with one turn of the hand. This means a gradual adjustment option in height as well as in depth and angle.

DYNAMIC ARMRESTS Apart from ordinary adjustable armrests (Armrest 2), desk chair 9000 can be equipped with a wider variant filled with TechnoGel®. The armrest is arched to provide maximum support and relief without locking the arm in one fixed position. Armrest option 4 is also adjustable in depth and in angle towards the body.

FIVE-STAR BASE WITH FOOTREST Most of us rest our feet from time to time on the chair’s five-star base. With our textured pattern, the foot gets a better hold and the five-star base keeps its good looks. In addition to black the five-star bases are available in silver or polished aluminium.

Surf onto: and let us guide you on how to adjust the chair in the best possible way. You will also find some clever tips on how to make your workstation more comfortable.
TILT BACK The adjustable tilt back can be adapted precisely to yourseating position. For maximum seating comfort, the chair back is constructed with a well-defined supporting concave design.