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Together with its sister the 8000, the 6000 is a real favourite in European offices. Over two million chairs have found their way to satisfied users. One reason for this success is the combination of timeless design, good ergonomics, numerous adjustment possibilities and great freedom to adapt to personal taste. The 6000 features a FreeFloat tilting mechanism with ergonomically correct freedom of movement. There are four different backrests, two seats and two kinds of armrest to choose from. Most combinations are also available with headrests.

Mechanism 8000 with Synchron-mechanism: When tilting the chair, the back is angled more than the seat at a ratio of 1:1.5, lockable tilting movement in any position, adjustable tilting resistance. 6000 with FreeFloat-mechanism: The seat and back move independently of each other, lockable function in any position, adjustable tilting resistance. Seat Adjustable seat angle with forward position, adjustable sitting height (gas spring), adjustable seat depth, seat 2 with decorative thread. Back Adjustable backrest height, adjustable backrest angle, back 3 and 4 with decorative thread. Padding Polyether. Headrest Options: gradually adjustable for height, depth and angle. Armrests Options: type 2 with armrest pad; 240 x 90 mm in black polyurethane, adjustable in height (180-310 mm) and width (40mm/side). Options: type 4 (dynamic) with armrest pad 250 x 110 mm in mtrl TechnoGel®, adjustable in height (200-320 mm), width (40mm/ side), depth (100 mm) and angle (15°). Five-star base Black plastic five-star base with 5 castors for hard and soft flooring. Options: silver grey or polished aluminium five-star base and glide. Other options Single or double footring. Extended gas spring (KGAS80: sitting height 480–670 mm, KGAS190: sitting height 590–860 mm). Styling: polished finish on selected elements. Belongs to family Visitor and conference chairs Arcus.