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Alea Living
Alea Living
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Storage/Shelving-Shelving systems

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Freedom to experiment. Pure form.
The name already suggests the idea behind this furniture system. In music and art there is a term that derives from ALEA (latin for cube): alea -tory – a compositional style which grants the artist a free range of interpretation within an aesthetic program. A grid of different lengths, heights and depths makes it possible to combine freely all the elements of ALEA. Whether they are stacked on top of each other or placed in a row, free-standing in the room or against a wall. In addition, the colours, materials and equipment of the furniture programme can be varied. ALEA is the system - atic game, the variety of functions, the purist shape.

The Details
We love those things which always remind us why we love them. According to requirements, ALEA can be extended by including many beautiful, sensible functions. And no matter in which combination they create the ensemble, the extraordinary craftsman-ship which has been put in will show in particular in the details – where parts move or different shapes and materials meet. And in the clear line structure which results from the consistent material thickness of fronts and cover panels. This is exactly 6 mm.

The System
The furniture system ALEA can be a sideboard, media furniture, a room divider or a completely unique combination for storage. It is based on a continuous system which allows unlimited design variants in a uniform visual language. The frame element is available in various widths, heights and depths and can be freely stacked or placed in a row: frame next to frame, with gaps in between, flush or offset. The different frame depths render it possible to design spatially.

The functions
For further individualisation the system offers various features which are defined by the same grid. Other than the different fronts there are pull-outs, shelves and drawers, as well as front panels and ducts for multimedia systems and cable management. ALEA can be located against the wall or free-standing in the room. When suspended, it can be combined with the panel system, when used as a room divider there are corresponding rear walls available. The flaps and drawers of the system open with a quick-out mechanism, activated by touch – no handles are necessary. But the system can also be planned with handles or handle bars, horizontal or vertical. Our qualified partners in the furnishing trade will gladly advise you, and together with you they can plan an individual piece of Kettnaker furniture. Your own unique specimen.

Stow cables
All appliances find room in the furniture. Now the wiring will play an important role. It is important to plan appropriate possibilities in advance: horizontal and vertical cable ducts and outlets and a central easily accessible possibility for housing multiple sockets, transformers, radio switches etc.
Top view of a horizontal cable duct. In front of it one can see the upper opening for the electric distribution box. The e-box will be installed in the top of the carcase and can house distribution box, transformers and radio switches. Cables and plugs can be stowed in the vertical cable duct below. Both can be closed with aluminium panels.

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