Vieques central module

Sofas from KETTAL, Designed by Patricia Urquiola

Product description

Aluminium / Porotex fabric
Cushions: Massed Acrylic Fabric
98 x 98 x 78 cm
20,4 kg


A macro-reproduction of an organic fabric: a coffee filter, seen under the microscope. The search for a combina- tion of natural patterns applied to the industrial world. And so is born an innovative fabric both in terms of style and texture that is applied as an enveloping layer to the aluminium frame of armchairs, sofas and rocking chairs. At the same time and at a macroscopic level, a layer is formed from a three-dimensional braid, tripled in thickness, altering the visual perception and giving rise to: the creation of the outdoor mat.
Manufacturer KETTAL
Family Vieques
Architonic ID 1157728
Order number 41530-524 | 41535-583
Year of Launch 2012

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