Product description

A plate made from stainless steel and satined safety glass.
”” can be placed above the “glasnost”-mailbox in a way that it forms a single entity with the mailbox and the newsbox. An individual labelling can be applied with adhesive sheets.

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Measure: 42 x 42 x 6 cm

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keilbach was the first manufacturer worldwide to use glass and translucent materials on mailboxes.
The mailboxes of the “glasnost” series with their fronts made from glass, metal or wood are part of the architecture. Their pure design does not attempt to be more important than architecture itself. The focus lies on the material and this is what defines the character of these mailboxes. Many architects appreciate their clear and reduced design.
The innovative material selection, the careful workmanship and the timeless design make these mailboxes a product with a long life expectancy.
Award: Form 2001