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Terazzo tile consists of two layers. The top layer has a smooth surface. The back layer is made of cement, sand and aggregate. It is a precast material which is prepared by pressing on marble, granite and stone aggregates, which are prepared according to predetermined production recipe, in hydrolic machines. Aggregates of different sizes and materials can be used to produce abstract decorative designs as well as pat-terned tiles in which various motifs can be processed with metal strips placed on the surface and materials containing stainless steel. Due to its incredible durability, the Terrazzo Platten is suitable for every application you can imagine. It can be used as a flooring material in exteriors or interiors. It is the perfect material for areas with high human traffic, such as public buildings, lobbies and corridors. It has a high ability of water and stain repulsion. It provides installation and assembly flexibility in today's buildings where production is accelerated due to the fact that it is in the form of ready-made plate and easy to transport.
Karoistanbul products are made up from environmentally friendly materials. Since Terrazzolar tiles are made entirely of natural materials, color and structure changes may occur.