Key facts

Product description

Dimentions (w x d x h):
224 x 224 x 336 mm

Colour: Pale Green
Material: Chestnut
Finishing: Transparent Colour +Opaque White + Clear Coating

Product family



Skills Expressed through Colourful Lines
The grid lines on this stool are fine indentations, spray-painted with colorant. All surplus paint sprayed onto the seat's surface is sanded away manually hence the colorant only stays inside in the groves. The shape of the bottom of the seat as well as the joints between the seat and the legs are made according to the highest standards of Japanese craftsmanship.

A Splendid Object in Small Spaces
COLOUR STOOL is compact in size and suitable for even the smallest living spaces. Handy and lightweight, this stool can easily be moved between the entrance hall, the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room.


Colorful Vessels
COLOUR BIN comprises a series of functional containers in chestnut wood available in three different sizes. All three sizes have their own colour palette, ranging from soft pastels to fluorescent pink. A coloured ring around the bin provides an additional design detail. COLOUR BIN SMALL is milled from a laminated wood block and is convenient for storing pens and other small items on a table or desk. COLOUR BIN MEDIUM and COLOUR BIN LARGE are assembled from individual laths but its interlinking joints, milled with a cutting-edge three-dimensional CNC machine, remain invisible. COLOUR BIN MEDIUM and COLOUR BIN LARGE serve as a waste bin in the bathroom or the lavatory or as a wastepaper basket under a table. Both come with a lid equipped with a leather lug.


Tableware to Enjoy in Combinations
Colour Platter is a set of three wooden plates that come in two different colour/graphics combinations characteristic to the work of the designers Scholten & Baijings. Transparent colours and graphic patterns printed on the top side represent contemporary design superimposed on traditional craft techniques. Individually, the smallest plate can be used as a flat tray, while the two larger plates can serve either as a tray or a fruit bowl. Stacked, the three plates form the centrepiece of a table setting.