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Crete ELRM 27 (71)
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ELRM 27 71
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Hinged door fittings-Handle sets >
Hinged door fittings-Handle sets >

Product description

Lever set on plate for standard doors Lever version, EL27 Crete
Lever sets for standard doors acc. to DIN EN 1906, category of use 3, lever version ELV27 Crete
Lever sets for projects acc. to DIN EN 1906, category of use, 4 lever version EL/EN 27 Crete

Back plate 200 x 40 mm,
with triple fixing,
nylon floating bearing,
sprung loaded inner plate with
attached lever,
ELV und EL/EN unsprung with solid steel plate
heavy duty bolt through M5 fixings,
8 mm offset drilled spindle,
standard door thickness: 37 - 43 mm
diameter of handle: 19 mm

UN (latch)
BB (key hole),
PZ (euro profile),
BAD (bathroom turn/release)
FS (fire resisting set)
ELV (category of use 3)
EL/EN (category of use 4)

Finish: satin stainless steel
Karcher article no.:
EL27 UN 71 (latch)
EL27 BB0 71 (key hole)
EL27 PZ0 71 (euro profile)
ELV27 PZ0 71 (Grade 3 euro profile lever set)
EL/EN27 PZ0 71 (Grade 4 euro profile lever set)
EL27 BAD 71 (bathroom turn/release)
EL/FS27 PZ0 71 (fire resisting set in euro profile)

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