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SymbioLite - 0311
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Product description

Concept: A utility luminaire and a decorative crystal chandelier with function, aesthetics and sensual lighting mood blended in a single unit.
Realisation: An independent, innovative light concept emanating from the interplay of opposites. The technical concept of light deflection creates a clearly-defined control of the distribution of the light quantity to various degrees upwards, laterally and downwards. The clarity of the direct light and the diffuse shadings of the light reflection from ceiling and walls on the glittering crystal create a fascinating light ambience with a rich character. Freedom from glare, controllable bulb output and light spot diffusion ensure optimum illumination quality on any desired working plane.

Result: The result is a synthesis of the characteristic features of Kalmar Classic and Kalmar Function light concepts.

MODEL: 0311
Finish: Chrome
Crystals: STRASS or hand cut prisms and optical aspherical lenses
Diameter 920, Drop: 1000mm, Overall Height 1200mm
7xQT12 90W GY 6.5 12V
7xQT12 65W IRC GY 6.5 12V