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Vivo Turbo Plus System ⎮ Conoduo
Vivo Turbo Plus System ⎮ Conoduo
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CONODUO unites independent design and excellent bathing comfort for a sense of peace and clarity. Architectonic and geometric elements merge to create a distinctive form. Other special features include the concealed outflow with enamelled cover and an enamelled knob for outflow control.

In a world of rush and schedules, whirl bath is becoming increasingly important. Here you can experience quiet focusing on your body and pure pleasure in water with all your senses. The pure power of water can be specifically used for well-being and relaxation.
The whirl intensity ranges from gentle strokes by stimulating the fine sensory hair to a strong all-over massage of the skin, base layer and musculature. The special thing about whirl the systems VIVO TURBO and VIVO TURBO PLUS are excellent hygienic properties of these systems. Disinfection is not required. This is confirmed by renowned test institutes. Individually adjustable whirl systems and addition of air in line with Venturi principle round out the whirling experience.

The systems VIVO TURBO and VIVO TURBO PLUS operate without piping so there is no residual water. After bathing, jets empty automatically so expensive disinfection is not required and the system meets the highest hygiene standards. All parts coming into contact with water can be easily cleaned with the hand spray. No water can penetrate into the red hoses carrying the air. Chemical disinfection is also superfluous. This is confirmed by renowned institutes.

Thus the whirl systems VIVO TURBO and VIVO TURBO PLUS are an optimal solution for the hotel area!

This Whirlsystem can be combined with various bathtubs.