Product description

The KNX Smart pilots are equipped with the full version of the Facility pilot software and the video phone software for the integration into intercom systems.
The standardised graphical user interface enables an intuitive operation of all KNX functions. Depending on the customer requirements the devices are available in three different display sizes with a screen diagonal of 256 mm (10.1"), 396 mm (15.6") or 470 mm (18.5").

Two of the four USB connectors are freely accessible in the built-in device state. The two other connectors are located on the back of the devices, as well as two separate LAN connections (1.000 Mbit/s). High-quality glass frames in white and black guarantee an elegant visual effect.

Product family


The JUNG KNX system offers a big plus in convenience, security and economy both in private dwellings and commercial construction. All the house functions and numerous multimedia functions can be networked together and controlled centrally with the KNX intelligent building system technology. The visualisation and evaluation of energy consumption, the Smart Metering, can also be implemented easily with KNX technology. The function of the individual components is determined by their programming, which can be changed and adapted at any time. What this means for the user is a convenient and flexible form of building technology that can be customised to meet his or her individual needs.