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KNX LS-design Rotary sensor
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Electrical systems-Dimmers >
Dimmer switches-Rotary dimmers >

Product description

LS-design, stainless steel

As the first manufacturer, JUNG presents the KNX rotary sensor for controlling dimming, switching and blind actuators, as well as adjusting the target value of a temperature regulator.

The innovation is in an operating philosophy that previously did not exist in the KNX system. The KNX rotary sensor follows the well-known operating concept of a rotary dimmer with incremental encoder: Simply turn or press!

However, the new rotary sensor offers more: In addition, it has three binary inputs for connecting conventional, floating contacts of switches, buttons and magnetic contacts. This extends the functional range of the new KNX device by several times. An acoustic signal generator acts in addition as a confirmation tone or to signal an alarm. A further advantage: The KNX rotary sensor is combined with the cover plates of conventional rotary dimmers and is thus available in all JUNG design ranges.

Product family


The JUNG KNX system offers a big plus in convenience, security and economy both in private dwellings and commercial construction. All the house functions and numerous multimedia functions can be networked together and controlled centrally with the KNX intelligent building system technology. The visualisation and evaluation of energy consumption, the Smart Metering, can also be implemented easily with KNX technology. The function of the individual components is determined by their programming, which can be changed and adapted at any time. What this means for the user is a convenient and flexible form of building technology that can be customised to meet his or her individual needs.