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SET glass walls
SET glass walls
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With Josko SET glass walls you achieve an open, spacious look for living space. The eye does not focus on any boundaries, the sunlight floods the rooms without obstacle, but noises and odours remain in the room. SET glass walls are a visual luxury, particularly when combined with external FixFrame glazing. Of course SET glass walls can be ideally combined with SET interior doors from Josko.

Frameless glass walls
The high-end version of the SET glass walls. In this application the narrow aluminium rals used to fix the panes are recessed in the floor, wall and celing and are therefore almost invisibile all round.

Glass walls with visible aluminium frame
In this variant the pane is fixed by a narrow alumnium frame which is either visible all round or is partially recessed and is therefore almost invisible. This solution is recommended for those customers who, for aesthetic reasons, prefer a visible alumnium frame or require one due to technical conditions.

Glass walls with wooden frame
Here the pane is fixed by a frame in the wooden beam design, which can be supplemented by flush wood fillings. This variant is for those customers who do not want to get rid of the visual effect of wood. All types of wood within the interior door programme can be used in this version.