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Product description

The Union Flowerpot is a key to the completion of the Union Family. Available separately or as an integrated piece of the 2-seater, 3-seater or Panorama, the Flowerpot gives our clients the option of creativity. The strength of the Flowerpotʼs design allows it to stand alone or as part of a larger collection. Designing a spa? Fill a fiberglass flowerpot will water and rose petals. Having a party? Offer champagne in ice-filled fiberglass flowerpots. The Union Flowerpot: Just one more reason why Union means Freedom.

Product family


The 3-seater fiberglass Union Bench was the first product ever created by the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau. The success of this piece led to the production of the 2-seater, 1-seater and flowerpot and the Panorama. With each of these pieces, the Union Family is complete. Form is function. Designed to stand in the center of the room, the fiberglass Union Bench is the eye-catching vision of function and form. Its organic, spherical design seats up to 12 individuals and allows its users to sit where they want and with whom they please. Finally, a bench designed to reflect personal preference.

Made in Sweden.
Every piece in the Union Family is a customized, made-to-order product designed to fit the client’s wishes. The sleek fiberglass moulds are poured individually so that each bench receives a special amount of care and attention. For seating options, clients are offered an array of choices. Our standard genuine Swedish leather seats are available in a variety of colors. Clients may also choose to switch their seat covers for a custom material, such as Lamborghini leather, wool or Corian.

Variety is the Spice of Design. Clients also have the option to integrate a flowerpot into one or more of the Union Bench spheres. The flowerpot offers a wide variety of flexibility, and can be used as a planter or even filled with ice and drinks at events and social functions. The possibilities are virtually endless. As with all our Union Family benches, the spheres of the Union Family benches are seamlessly merged with two side tables, increasing flexibility and function for its users. Break the mould. Go bold with the Union Family.

Materials: Fiberglass, genuine leather
Colors: Fiberglass is available in all RAL colors.
Leather is available in a variety of materials.
Choose to integrate a flowerpot into your seating arrangement.
All pieces are custom made-to-order.