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Remember being a child and having the freedom to imagine life in outer space? To play pretend games with robots and other planets? To escape into a world unknown?
As adults, outer space is just as fun to dream about. It is from a childhood fascination with life in the stars and robotic fantasies that Jangir Maddadi first proposed The Droid Lamp.

A Retro Robotic Shape
The genius of the Droid Lamp derives from its ability to take on a retro robotic shape while commanding the presence of the room. Form and function work together to create a lamp that is both light source and sculpture.

Currently available in brass and coated steel. Offering light in two separate directions. A strong and futuristic lamp while turned on. A timeless design when clicked off.

Advanced Production
The Droid is produced locally by the diligent and creative people of Sweden, whose passion for quality materials, disciplined work, and long-lasting craftsmanship makes our small country one of the leaders in innovation. At the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau, each of our orders is custom-made, to fit the individual needs of each client. That’s why we offer the Droid in a 220/110 voltage switching power supply to cater to our clients all over the world. Moreover, this lamp features dimmer-controlled light sources in both the front and the rear, giving the user complete control over the light amount and style. Droid is available in the strong, high quality materials of brass and painted steel. Long-lasting LED electrical circuitry gives this lamp a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 96, proving its excellent ability to render an object’s color exactly how it appears in warm, natural light. JMDB accepts only the best light quality for Droid.

With each feature conceived to perfect, Droid is delivered to the client in three easy to assemble pieces, ready to illuminate the interiors of homes, museums, restaurants, exhibition spaces and more.

The Droid Lamp… take a look and let yourself dream.