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Compound Foam
Compound Collection
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Coated Foam. Made for outdoor and indoor use. Available in all RAL-colors.

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Empty spaces mean endless possibilities. When designers are faced with an empty room, the inevitable question emerges: “How do I give this space a life?”
The Compound Collection is the groundbreaking series of luxury benches that takes creative freedom to a whole new level. Four separate but similar shapes of simple, refined forms are designed to fit together in virtually infinite seating arrangements. With the Compound Collection, you create your own puzzle, the pieces are there for the choosing.

Available in four contemporary materials, each one offering its own aesthetic theme, the Compound Collection allows an unprecedented amount of freedom to public architects and private clients alike. Fiberglass with teak or leather, concrete, foam, and wood are all options for this unique set of furniture.

Compound A – The Door:
Compound A is both the beginning and the end. The module that is the entry to a world of possibilities for building a design scheme, and the elegant boundary for completing the flow. When you begin with Compound A, anything is possible. Its minimalist shape offers a clever variation on the usual circular form with its protruding link for the next module.

Compound B – The Link:
Compound B is the connection. The double window for new arrangements, new ideas. The round form offers two opposite side connectors, enabling any relationship between two modules. This piece allows a seating arrangement to expand and diminish smoothly at the designer’s own will. The beauty of Compound B is its strength – it can connect to other modules or stand alone in distinct minimalist perfection.

Compound C – The Adapter:
Compound C is the key, the most crucial facet in making the Compound Collection a series that moves together. Its two links are designed to protrude both horizontally and vertically, allowing the designer the freedom to create more than straight-line furniture complex. With Compound C, designers build a space that is utterly and completely their own.

Compound D – The Heart:
Compound D is the seed of the collection. It can stand on its own, as a tri-seater bench, or function as a one, two or three side connector for the rest of its module mates. With Compound D, designers always have a solution, a way to keep the pulse of the Compound Collection alive, new and ever-changing.

Combination Recommendations:
The Compound Collection is the answer to any space. Corridor, small, big, circular, square. You make the decisions, and now you finally have the pieces that solve the puzzle. No longer are corners and walls big problems to ponder, you will find a solution with the Compound Collection. Empty spaces mean endless possibilities. Here, we offer you ideas for just a few of the infinite combinations that these four unique pieces provide.