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Butler Flowerpot
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Public Butler 
The Butler Bin arose from one simple convention-defying idea: What if waste bins were beautiful? What if they were classic members of the spectrum of public furniture that served their function with dignity and grace? The Butler Bin does just that. No longer should a waste bin be hidden from view. It should be displayed, encouraging people to use it, discouraging the litter that can so easily desecrate beautiful areas. The fiberglass outer shell features a compact round opening, prompting users to think about the amount and size of their waste. It is simple in its design, whose functional focus is to make it remarkably easy to empty. Just a quick rotate on the shell and the bag is removed.

Office Butler 
The original Butler Bin, or the Public Butler, as it is now called, gave birth to the Office Butler, a scaled-down version of its larger counterpart, which is perfect for use in offices, private homes, hotel rooms and more.

Butler Flowerpot
The third component to complete the Butler Family is the Butler Flowerpot, which playfully inverts the original form, offering a new perspective on the design.

What’s important to note about the Butler Family, as well as with all my collections, is that they can be used together in public architecture, they can be mixed and matched, in aesthetic harmony.

Materials: Fiberglass
Colors: Fiberglass is available in all RAL colors.
All pieces are custom made-to-order.