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Jiangxi Allover
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250 x 300 cm

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Subtle, delicate flower patterns, as if painted with a light brush – Jan Kath has taken inspiration from fine chinese porcelain for his “Jiangxi” collection. “Carpet and porcelain art are related in a fascinating way,” says Kath. “Both are everyday objects. their functionality is complemented by an individual design that has been refined over the centuries.”

Just like with the carpet, distinctive styles have also developed in porcelain art in many provinces, such as JIANGXI in southeast China. The pieces, with their timelessly beautiful patterns, have been transported all over the world on caravans and ships via the old trade routes. “It takes time, great craftsmanship, and dexterity before a piece is finished,” says the designer. “Even though the porcelain painters strive for the utmost precision and painstakingly try to adhere to the specifications – just like the knotters in the carpet factories – each cup and each plate, just like each carpet, is nonetheless unique.” Lotus flowers as an allegory of purity and creativity, opulent Moutan peonies that symbolize the meekness of Buddha, and dainty cherry branches are all popular porcelain patterns. Jan Kath is now allowing these classic repeating patterns to blossom on his carpets with a particularly fine knot density (150 knots per square inch) in hand-spun wool from the Tibetan highlands and the finest Chinese silk.