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Cache Sexe
Cache Sexe
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90 x 120 cm

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Undergarments as wall art. The caravans of traders have always brought exotic wares to the vibrant markets in morocco. Besides exquisite spices, teas, and rare animals, they also transported clothing from faraway lands which caused astonishment, especially the elaborately decorated loincloths from the congo, chad, or cameroon.

The small cloths and skirts with which the indigenous people covered their modesty were soon turned into wall art by the nomads. Furthermore, they used the elaborately decorated “Cache Sexe” as inspiration and incorporated the designs in their own carpet art. Jan Kath is continuing this tradition in his CACHE SEXE collection and giving it a contemporary twist. Small, colorful beads made of glass, clay, and metal, and coarse stems from cotton plants are worked into the carpets measuring 90 centimeters by 1.20 meters. The kilims are still made on simple, transportable looms using finely spun sheep’s wool. The weavers in the workshops in the Atlas Mountains are largely given a free hand to carry out their work. When enhancing the designs they let their creativity run wild, thereby giving the collection its own dynamism and light- hearted playfulness. The designs can subsequently be reproduced in line with customer requirements.