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Bridges are a part of our civilisation, the architecture of transportation routes, and of everyday beauty. Where there are bridges, there are people. They need to be safe and remain safe. Lawmakers attach importance to this. That they function properly and do not endanger anyone are topics which receive continual attention and are as important as the new construction itself. Suicide prevention is a significant factor in almost all bridges. Warning signs are in no way adequate. Fall stop nets and safety fences are designed and higher railings are installed. There are many options, but the most suitable solution always depends on the architectonic circumstances and the local surroundings as well.

Transparent and flexible net structures made of Webnet can be configured in a variety of ways for the respective project by using different rope diameters and mesh sizes, all supported by efficiently placed primary ropes and steel structures.

Active and passive bridge protection equipment constructed using the Jakob system persuades through its timeless design. The discrete appearance is very compatible with architectonically valuable and historic structures worthy of protection.

With perseverance and competence, Jakob has guided the course of numerous projects over the years. We will support you with our experience all the way through to approval, produce the planned measures in the highest quality and carry out the installation on the object with our specialists.

Product family


Webnet is a woven product with exceptional tensile resiliency and flexibility. It is weather resistant, extremely robust and requires virtually no maintenance. The stainless steel net is suited for interior and exterior applications. Installed on railings or in stairways, it provides stability and clear guidance. On façades, it can serve as a climbing support for plants or it can set delicate accents as a dividing element in large spaces. The greatest advantage, however, is its delicate structure. Especially in zoo animal enclosures or protective nets, the visual impairment due to the unavoidable barrier is minimal.

In combination with architectural ropes and the well-known and innovative Green Solutions G1 greening programme, it can also be used as a climbing support for plants in façade greening.

Webnet is a construction of corrosion-resistant steel ropes placed parallel to one another in pairs connected by alternating sleeves to produce a symmetrical bent pattern. The nets are fabricated application-specifically according to your customer specifications.

Webnet has been assessed according to standard specifications and subjected to many test measurements: As a permanent protection and fall-stop feature for bridges or observation platforms, it is totally UV resistant and weatherproof – in contrast to traditional knotted synthetic-fibre rope nets.
The items in the programme are fabricated of high-quality corrosion-resistant steel of the material groups AISI 316 and AISI 316L (1.4401 and 1.4404). Webnet is certified in Germany by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) (Z-14.7-557).

Webnet is used in a wide variety of ways: Railing infill, protective nets, safety nets, barricades, fences, zoo enclosures, aviaries, suicide prevention, façade greening, artwork, ball nets, stair wells, skylight protection, fall-stop nets, bridge protection, machine protection, etc.