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Tirreno 70 | Carnival 992
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Product description

An eye-catching design that adds a stylish modern touch to any space.
Width (cm): 200, 400
Measurement: Roll
Commercial Useage Classification: 23-34-43
Slip Resistance: R10
Thickness: 2MM
Wear layer: 0.7MM
Quality Class: Compact

Product variants


and offices to care facilities? Tirreno 70 is an original and Colourful
choice in all-round flooring.

Ready to take on the world
Tirreno 70 is a great choice in multi-purpose flooring. All floors boast a 0.70mm wear-resistant layer that can handle the toughest conditions, while the compact backing copes admirably with moving objects such as hospital beds, desks or chairs. Bring it on!
0,70 mm
Our patented Hyperguard+ PUR technology makes
this semi-seamless heterogeneous vinyl floor extremely easy to maintain and provides an extra protection layer. What’s more, the floor needs no additional polishing, sealing or waxing once installed.

Installation comfort
Both strong and flexible, Tirreno 70 is a dream to install. What’s more, all designs are available in both 2 m and 4 m widths, allowing you to cover large surface areas in no time and almost seamlessly.