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Studio Moods | Triangles 363
Studio Moods
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Product description

The triangle is at the base of many geometrical motifs.
In our Trianglesattern, it’s the fundamental building block. Taking the lead role,
it guides the eye and fills the room with character.
Playing with different tones of wood, the result is natural yet graphic.

Width (cm):
Length (cm):
Thickness: 2.5mm
Wearlayer: 0.55mm
Commercial Usage Class Code: 23-33-42
Commercial Warranty: 10-years

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Play it your way with modular flooring by Studio Moods
Studio Moods truly lets you play it your way by combining shapes, patterns and colours to create a completely exclusive and unique floor, fully personalized to your project. Go for absolute freedom and choose the bespoke creation: puzzle nine shapes into different patterns and combine them with all 160 designs of our Moduleo 55 and Moduleo 55 Impressive collections. Or go for the QuickShip program and choose one of the more than 100 predefined pattern designs.

Get inspired by Studio Moods modular flooring
Everything starts with an idea. Studio Moods is sure to fuel your creativity with beautiful pattern and fill possibilities. Wicker, Chevron, Triangle, Vortex, Mesh, (Big) Hexagon, Arrow, (Big) Diamond, Pepper and Herringbone are the twelve patterns you can combine into your own personalized modular flooring design.