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Accessories For Synthetic Pvc-P Membranes | Internal And External Corners In Pvc-P
Accessories For Synthetic Pvc-P Membranes
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INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CORNERS IN PVC-P are suitable for the reinforcement of the waterproofing in internal and external corners. The above elements should not be used as a substitute of the original waterproofing product, they have been created for a secondary protection and reinforcement of those areas of higher risk because of transversal and horizontal traction of the waterproofing membrane. They are used for application on roofs waterproofed with PVC-P membranes The Internal and external corners are made of soft, flexible and UV stabilized PVC-P. It offers high physical, chemical and technical properties as well as a flexible product. It is highly resistant to UV rays, ozone and other atmospheric and chemical agents. It can be used in a wide temperature range and is extremely flexible at low temperatures, it is stable over time thanks to the physical and mechanical properties, which therefore assure maximum performance throughout its lifespan.

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