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MasterPod® M Chill Room
Inwerk MasterPod® Room
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D 1600x W 2800 x H 2260mm, accoustically isolated glass sliding doors and curtains on two sides, Masterbox cubes with integrated storage units on two sides, lay down area

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In open office landscapes space systems Inwerk MasterPod® offer acoustically optimized retreat areas for concentrated work, meetings, phone calls, as a think tank and for (discreet) conversations. In five sizes — S, M, L, XL, XXL — and with specific equipment they meet most different requirements.

MasterPod® space systems are available in two functional variants. Variant Work becomes a complete ergonomic workplace with an electrically heigth adjustable desk and with an office chair. Variant Talk serves the communicative exchange and integrates cubes as seatings with cushion pads. Both variants are available as a completely closed version (Room) and also as a version open on two sides (Zone).

Customizable magnetic sound absorbers and many hollow chamber sealing systems ensure good acoustics and noise reduction. Together with closed sliding glass doors they dampen outside noise to ensure concentrated work inside – on the other hand colleagues working outside adjacent are not disturbed. An extraordinary big quiet working ventilation with twice room air filter and double sound insulation duct generates fresh air up to 600m3/h: Within 1 minute the whole indoor air is changed for comfortable climatic conditions.

Space systems Inwerk MasterPod® are made of steel, extremely stable, have no fireload and show an attractive-filigree construction. Two walls are formations from cubes of the furniture system Masterbox® awarded with the Red Dot Design Award. These cupboard and shelf elements can be combined in many ways being accessible optionally from inside or outside. Thereby MasterPod® is the only room-in-room-system integrating storage space to stow work equipment within reach. For example the storage space of MasterPod XXL corresponds to the space requirement of 500 files – otherwise this would require 25 standard sideboards. Thanks to the flat construction of the floor and ceiling the height of 2200mm is completely usable.

The all-round closed version Room is fitted with sliding glass doors on two sides. They are inviting, allow easy access and offer plenty of freedom of movement inside.