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Elektrisch höhenverstellbares, mobiles Flipchart Flipper
Electrically height-adjustable, mobile flipchart flipper
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Product description

Vollaluminium-Tafel in Weiß und Schwarz matt sowie Aluminium natur eloxiert

+ Height adjustment: 1620-2280mm (top edge)
+ Drive: Electric linear drive with 3x telescope
+ 4mm aluminum panel: W 750 x H 1150, rear steel support frame
+ 6mm base: W 600 x D 500 x H 90mm with double castors
+ Overall construction: W 750 x D 500mm
+ Weight: about 38 kg

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The paper-stocked flipchart is experiencing a new birth. Its electric height adjustment visibly increases the quality of communication in meetings, workshops and presentations. The name "Flipper" is reminiscent of the famous star of a television series, which was also known for its exceptional maneuverability.
Between 1620 and 2280mm, the flipchart barely audibly moves to any desired height position. It allows ergonomic adjustment of the writing height to the individual body size. In higher position, it also offers a clear view for 'viewers' in the back rows.
The operation is easy with a tap on the up-down switch - unlike manually adjustable flipcharts, which require a cumbersome handling with tools.
The 6mm thick steel foot ensures high stability. Castors allow mobile use at different locations in the company or in hotel conference rooms.
Flipper shows a decidedly straightforward design. The 4mm all-aluminum panel in white, black or anodised natural aluminum is laser-cut and has rounded corners. The frame in matt black and the wide double castors, outside gray, inside silver colored, complete the appealing overall impression.
There is no sign of the technology as the drive unit is hidden under the footplate. The up-down switch sits concealed and handy below the board. The power cable is removable, so as not to disturb the homogenous appearance or become a trip hazard.
Flipper can be equipped with all popular flipchart block formats, whereby the attachment of perforated blocks is infinitely adjustable up to 560mm width. Removable rubber rings secure the paper.