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Swivel chair high
Seat and back upholstered
Back height adjustment

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Versatility from a single source: Presenting AIMIS1.
The new family of office chairs from Interstuhl with swivel, visitor and cantilever chairs offers broad-minded design: as a result, AIMIS1 meets the full spectrum of workplace needs. The modular design concept makes every AIMIS1 individually customisable while consistently remaining ergonomic and comfortable.

Designer Sven von Boetticher’s AIMIS1 swivel and visitor chairs for Interstuhl unite healthy and comfortable sitting. Large backrests, soft cushions and optional lumbar support provide your body with ideal posture for productive, fatigue-free work. Characteristic design elements give the family its distinctive look, while offering creative freedom to office planners. A suitable AIMIS1 can effortlessly be configured for each employee in every role. The modular design concept of the AIMIS1 ensures that the unmistakeable character of the chair family always remains front and centre.

Sit better, work more comfortably – and not just at your desk
The swivel chairs feature two different back heights – high and low – to choose from. Three variations are available: comfort padding, mesh back and Chillback. The mesh backrest conveys transparency and lightness. The colour palette boasts nine colours, offering just the right touch for every design and taste. The mesh backrest gives the chair a young glow – perfect for modern, dynamic teams. The mesh is breathable and prevents heat build-up. At the same time, it adapts to the back’s contours and provides support.
The AIMIS1 Chill back backrest unites the features of upholstery and mesh. The elastic multi-layer structure means the chair fits snugly to the body’s contour as only mesh can. Padding ensures a soft surface. The minimal volume of the backrest makes this design suitable for smaller areas while still offering the comfort of an upholstered office chair. Optional headrests also ensure relaxation of the top of the spine. On request, the chairs can be equipped with clothes hangers.
The AIMIS1 family also offers its upholstered visitor chairs with and without armrests in three variants: as a cantilever chair, as a stackable cantilever chair, and as a four-legged chair. Regardless of the type, AIMIS1 demonstrates its virtuosity in its balance of ease and comfort, solidity and dynamism, not to mention quality and simplicity.

A safe decision
Whether for employees or visitors – we have the perfect AIMIS1 for everyone: Despite its defined styling, the modular design concept offers individuality for each chair, not least thanks to the wide range of fabrics and colours. In addition, with the 10-year warranty on AIMIS1 and all its parts, including the gas lift, Interstuhl is making a clear statement regarding the high manufacturing quality of the office chair family. Numerous certifications and test results bear this out as well. Regardless of the configuration – the choice to go with the AIMIS1is always an optimal decision.