Cubic Geometry

Carpet tiles from Interface USA

Product description

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm


It's only in our synthetic world that we want uniform perfection - one shade, no variation. If nature doesn't work that way, then why should we? Like fallen leaves on the forest floor, stones in the riverbed and flowers in a field, each Cubic and Cubic Colours carpet tile is unique; yet when installed, they blend into a cohesive pattern. As two of Interface's groundbreaking non directional products, Cubic and Cubic Colours can be installed using tiles from multiple dye lots and tiles can be set in any direction, which means there's less waste during production and installation. Cubic is offered in 33 neutral colorways. And, with Cubic Colours candy-coated pastels to rich blues and greens, you can add a vibrant flair to any environment from retail to a pediatric clinic to the corporate think-tank.
Manufacturer Interface USA
Family Cubic
Architonic ID 20002220
Year of Launch 2018

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