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Human Connections 8343004 Stone Course Yellowstone

Carpet tiles from Interface, Designed by David Oakey

Product description

Tapestry Tufted Patterned Structured Loop Tile
100% Recycled Solution Dyed Nylon


Today, we are both more connected as a society and, ironically, increasingly less connected, shielded from each other and the natural world by our screens, our cars, our homes and the buildings in which we work. Human Connections literally provides the sensory and natural cues that we seek in our fast paced lives, supporting the idea that the most positive spaces offer variability and choice.

Eight different styles fit together in unique ways to create paths, intersections, collision zones and destinations. Sett in Stone, Kerbstone, Paver and Flagstone are four textures that recall the well-worn streets of the city, while Moss and Moss in Stone connect seamlessly to Sett in Stone to introduce the greenery we crave in a very organic way. The collection is completed by Rue and Stone Course. These highly patterned and colourful styles add a lively graffiti-like impact.
Manufacturer Interface
Family Human Connections
Architonic ID 1546343
Order number 8343004
Year of Launch 2018

Also available in 7 other variants

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