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The multilayer birch support is an extraordinary high-tech material that is the result of blending nature’s constructive genius with man’s inventiveness. Its unequalled mechanical resistance and the fact that the bonded elements retain their grip even under the most stressful of conditions means it is still used today for extremely high technological situations such as airplane cockpits and the hulls of ships.
The special orientation of the intertwined fibre layers makes this extra-large panels completely stable over time and entirely resistant. With the added advantage of increased elasticity and beauty.
It is the ideal solution for new construction and for restoration. Perfect for the demanding performance levels required by bathrooms and kitchens.
Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano have teamed up for research and development and selected Birch plywood as precious material to re-design and dress up your walls.
And this decorated wood surface works to the advantage of the value over time of your investment.

Material: multilayer birch
Sizes: W.60X60(H); W.60X120(H)
Installation: glued-down

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Lineadeko is the wallcovering that makes any room unique. In the living room it becomes a real element of furnishing strongly characterizing the rooms.
Lineadeko panels are applicable as boiserie or as a full height wallcovering.
This is a new decorative concept proposing an unusual application, a wallcovering on which the colour respects the naturalness of the surface by preserving the effect of birchwood and its pleasant touch. Surfaces to be brushed, to be looked at and to be enjoyed.