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Strato Wall mounted cabinets and mirror cabinets
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Product description

NOTES. The Strato mirror cabinet units are made in Water-resistant MDF with the choice of several different finishes. The
lacquer finishes (LM-LB), only the exterior can be lacquered as the interior remains in anthracite melamine for the heightest
protection. The shelves are made in Grey 5mm PARSOL. The S1 and S3 wooden finished have your chosen wooden finished
inside and out, as do the shelves. Mirror cabinet units only have mirrors on the exterior of the doors. The mirror can untinted or
tinted in Grey or Bronze. For open units without doors, the interior is lacquered in the same finish as the exterior (LM-LB-LT).
The same applies for the wooden finishes (S1-S3). The accessories are compatible with all the finishes; whether it be side
mirrors, LED lighting, interior plug socket or the Bluetooth audio system.

Product family


Strato is an extensive modular program of minimalist shapes which allows to adapt to each professional project into the desired space. In Strato exists diversity of standard modules and door modules, with drawers, sliding doors, mirrors, etc .... The finishes are Natural Wood, Glossy or Matt Lacquer on MDF- Water-resistant. The tops can be in Wood, Glossy or Matt Lacquer, Corian®, SolidSurface and Tempered Optical Glass, offering a wide range of options to customers and making this collection one of the most versatile and practices of our catalog.