Ka Bathroom Furniture Set 2

Vanity units from Inbani, Designed by Francesc Rifé

Product description


The KA collection answers to the preoccupation of procuring a warm and domestic place in the bathroom, capable of matching the same level of importance than other rooms in the house. This is a modular and independent pieces collection which combination offers multiple choices. There are different high, width and depth sets to obtain a dynamic effect in a space which usually is rigid. Both the sink and the bathtub, made of resin, are characterized by the absence of straight lines and their organic status. Their sinuous forms contrast with the rest of the furniture cubic formed, achieving a perfect balance in the amount of space. The mirror, the main element in the bath, functions as a single piece or as a coating, with the possibility of becoming an integrated container.

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Manufacturer Inbani
Family Ka
Architonic ID 1221508
Year of Launch 2010

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