Product description

150 x 300 cm
150 x 150 cm
100 x 300 cm
100 x 150 cm
50 x 150 cm
25 x 150 cm
100 x 100 cm
50 x 100 cm
60 x 60 cm
30 x 60 cm

Product family


Large-format porcelain tiles in a slimline SLIMMKER version or standard thickness.
Foster’s neutral design and wide variety of colours and formats offer endless creative potential.
With its clean design and smooth feel, this series evokes all the simplicity and elegance of cement. Thanks to its natural, bush-hammered and non-slip finishes, it can be used both indoors and out to ensure continuity.
The Blanco Plus, Crema, Piedra, Camel, Gris, Plomo and Negro colours in its natural and bush-hammered finishes and its 100x100cm format all comply with the NF UPEC standard.