Product description

EGO 1, 2, 3
Light frame/mirror in Nebulite® white

Ego 1
4 x E14 (max 4 x 18w power light) / 90x90x17 cm / touch system
Ego 2
10 x E14 (4 x 18w power light) / 150x90x12 cm / touch system
Ego 3 
4 x E14 (max 4 x 18w power light) / 83x83x12 cm / touch system

“Ego” is a light frame with a double functionality of a mirror as well as an atmospherical light. The design, being highly contemporary and decorative, creates a functional light for the mirror and, at the same time, contributes to the atmosphere, through the “Touch system” function which allows the user to switch on/off the lamp as well as change the intensity of the light only by touching a metal plate. Ego 1(with a convex shape) and Ego 2 are ideal for the living room or bedroom (90x90 cm and 150x90 cm) and Ego 3 is perfect in the bathroom, above the basin (83x83 cm).