Under the exterior of a simple sheet of metal folded in origami fashion, lies the key to the system, the true core from which all the components of BK1 flow. Achieved by folding a cold sheet of metal, the shelf comprises a central groove which assures the rigidity of the tablet and can also accommodate the range of accessories which are necessary for the display of many different types of publications. The front and back openings of the folds result from a measured compromise between ergonomics and robustness. Therefore, whatever the height or angle of the shelf-space, this original type of profile characteristically affords the comfort of an ideal reading position for labels. For a better resistance to the scratches from the repeated handling of books, the solution of an epoxy resin covering, achieved through sandblasting and firing, was retained and is available in a range of harmonious and long- lasting finishes. But one of the most remarkable features of this element is its reversibility, in that a simple handling of the tablet and its four nylon pegs allows a change in the configuration of BK1 from flat shelving to a tilted display rack. In this perspective, cold forming taps are placed inside the metal supports to guarantee an excellent mechanical coupling of the structure.