Product description

Hardwood slat systems for ceilings allow covering surfaces with tongue and groove systems or with spaces between slats.
These installations may have accessible areas, which make them fully versatile.

Slat sizes (random lenght):
90/140 x 19 mm. 3-9/16" / 5-1/4" x 3/4"

Acoustic veil in the gap between slats.

Product family


IDEAWOOD | Wooden panels and continuous systems for interior decoration and acoustic conditioning.

IDEAWOOD panels are made with solid hard wood for decorative and acoustical purposes.

This product is used for walls and ceilings, it provides a continuing look for walls and ceilings, it provides a continuing look for any kind of space.

It could be complemented with any acoustic conditioning material (rock wool, polyester fiber, etc), depending on the technical requirements of the project. Additionally flexible options are available with the Ideawood products, they can go any curved surface.

These slat, strip and grill-shaped structures are complemented with very quick and effective hanging and anchoring systems, allowing optimal and cost effective installations.

IDEAWOOD is the "high-end" decoration solution for projects where wood must provide the best of ist nature.