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Qbix space
Qbix space
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Structure and design within the room.
Cabinets in offices will very probably loose quite a lot of their significance in the future due to ever stronger growing importance of digital archiving. 
They will definitely not vanish completely because despite the rise of digital archiving, there will always remain the necessity to store away paper. But the role and function of cabinets will chance. Flexible furnishing, modular construction of cabinets and especially a stronger approach to design are the features Qbix space is offering.

Qbix Space can be distinguished from Qbix 45:
Tool-free linkage, in horizontal or vertical direction through special system. Assembly is possible without doing harm to the carcass. A retroactive rearrangement is possible without the slightest problem.

Qbix Space always is delivered with a covering top
- with edge in stainless steel optics: Decor White (W4), Decor Graphite (GP), Decor Wenge bright (WH), Decor Oak (ED)
- completely veneered (all standard veneers)
- Plinth Plate 25mm
- Valo-grip is the standard grip for wing door cabinets, sliding door cabinet and pull-out drawers, olive shaped handles and other standard grips are not available.
- The glass wing doors are equipped with "Push-to-open" fitting
- Horizonta roller shutters are equipped with handle strip

Versions available:

800 mm wide, 1000 mm wide, 1200 mm wide; 1 - 5 height units
Wing doors:
600 mm wide, 800 mm wide, 1000 mm wide, 1 - 5 height units
Glass doors with frame:
800 mm wide, 2 - 3 heigth units
Wing doors with attached glass:
800 mm wide, 2 - 3 height units
Drawers for files and standard drawers:
800 mm wide, 2 - 4 height units (Front panels always HU)
Sliding door:
1000 mm wide, 1200 mm wide, 1600 mm wide, 2 - 4 height units, with valo-grip
Horizontal roller shutter:
800 mm wide, 1000 mm wide, 1200 mm wide, 1400 mm wide, 1600 mm wide, 2 - 3 height units
High range sliding door cabinet:
1200 mm wide, 1600 mm wide, 2 - 3 heigth units

Back panel:
The back panel is 19mm strong and is attached to the carcass. This enables us to offer the possibility to turn the cabinets by 180° to organize the office space. These back panels will be introduced with the new price list for all Qbix cabinets. The hitherto existing comfort and acoustic back panel will be eliminated.

like Qbix 45