Product description

wall light orientable single beam in painted chassis and body in anticorodal aluminum anodized integrated optics to be chosen between narrow (N) medium (M) and wide (W) protects by hardened glasses.

Product variants

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Working daily with lighting projects managers we understood how important is the price of the product, especially in projects with a large number of units Borg was created to allow the line to preserve Horizon quality even in situations where you need to necessarily suggest a more simple product, but make it easy does not mean to find compromises. The identity of Horizon production can be maintained even in these situations. The use of high quality steel in slab allowed to shape with greater economy but the need for dissipation, necessary to ensure the quality of the product over time, have been preserved under the armor esthetics. The electronics and the control system are always those that characterize Horizon, with integrated electronics, control and dimming RGB. Borg is also a modular concept: the repeatability of the inner body in mono and dual emission allows the creation of many solutions. Borg is now presented in a range of products in one, two and three projectors, in mono and bi emission, making it possible to offer a range of products ranging from a single light point, also adjustable on wall with a powerful multi-module for large surfaces. Various possible design solutions can be reached combining the different colors of the two chassis. Wall light single or double beam in painted chassis and body in anticorodal aluminum anodized, integrated optic to be chosen between narrow (N) medium (M) and wide (W) protect by hardened tempered glass.