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magnetoplan Flipchart evolution plus, mobil

Good design is simple, but innovative. We think that anyone can make a product somehow new or somehow different. But at magnetoplan, we have always seen our task as improving a product for the customer. It is, admittedly, not an easy task to develop a flipchart that combines a stylish external appearance with pioneering magnetic technology on the inside. Innovation does not happen by chance, incidentally.

Innovation is the result of searching and finding, of strokes of luck - and errors. Yes, we have learnt that, too. But every „unfeasible“ was not the end for magnetoplan, but formed the basis for many ideas and even more work. Therefore our flipchart is not a new, different flipchart. evolution plus is a genuine innovation.

The functional design of the flipchart evolution plus in white stands for die cast, convenient, dynamic & bold presentations. High quality coupled with innovative, sophisticated details, it will be an eye-catcher at every presentation, conference or meeting. The mobile chart is supplied with marker pens, 3 sheets of flipchart paper and 4 magnets.

* with innovative height adjustment without fixing screws: thanks to embedded magnets the height of the chart can be smoothly adjusted continuously up to 2 m and will be held securely in any position you want
* die cast designer flipchart, stable and easy-to-move, made of bold metal frames with 4 large rollers (Ø 80 mm, lockable)
* magnetic, powder-coated metal surface: 680 x 970 mm
* can be written on with board markers and wiped clean dry
* complete with 2 integrated side arms, for three presentation surfaces
* attractive, newly developed holder clamp with adjustable suspension pins for all commonly sold paper pads
* with a storage tray integrated into the design for markers and accessories
* in ready-to-transport packaging for individual shipping.