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Billion tile, unframed: 300 x 300 mm

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magnetoplan Billion

Magnetism is the keyword for the beginnings of our company. Although founded more than 50 years ago, we carry in our product range a much older article, which is more than 2,500,000,000 years old! We are manufacturing the world’s most exclusive, magnetically adhesive
board, originating from a billion-years old stone (much older than marble), which was discovered near the northern arctic circle. The stone board therefore, was given its name: Billion.

But the fascination comes not only from its age, but especially from the fact that it contains an extremely high percentage of ferrite (iron), which gives the stone its magic power and the cut board its magnetically adhesive properties.

Each Billion board is unique with regards to design and structure: the formation of land masses and continents was still taking place at that time. Imagine, that at this early phase of our planet earth there have been no living forms, no nature and not even micro-organisms.
When light strikes the surface of Billion, sparkling iron particles reveal its hidden power. Latest by now you recognize the interplay between magic and magnetism.

There are three hand-crafted products made of Billion stones:
* Billion memoboard with a frame made of the same stone
* Panels for creating the ultimate Billion Wall
* Billion Cubes as paperweight or exclusive art piece.