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magnetoplan Wall Rail System

There is no more practical wall rail system than magnetoplan: the system boards are hung directly into the rails – without adapters or hanging devices. That’s why boards can be switched from the wall into the rail (or vice-versa) within seconds. This flexibility has the advantage, that boards can be easily moved within a room or building.

The wall rails are built – rail by rail – on top of each other, therefore it is your choice to install one, two or three rails at a time. The wall rail system grows with your demand: an additional rail can be clipped onto the existing rail.

Benefits of the magnetoplan wall rail system at a glance.

Modular system:
The wall rail system has a modular structure. By screwing on "junior" and "senior" rails, up to 5 levels can be used for the boards. It is, therefore, possible to extend the system at any time - without any significant technical expertise - in terms of the length and width (and corner constructions).

High flexibility of the boards:
All magnetoplan system boards (whiteboards or planning boards, etc.) can be hung on the wall rail and removed again without a lot of effort: from the wall to the rail and back again, rehung within the rails and even mounted on a chassis. This high level of flexibility is made possible through the system frame developed in 1982!

Effortless moving of the board:
The smooth-running universal hooks to which the boards are attached ensure the effortless gliding of the boards in the wall rail.

Application possibility for screens:
A screen can be hung in the top rail. If required, it can easily be moved to the required place for the projection.

Additional level:
The front cover of the magnetoplan wall rail is magnetic. This allows sheets of flipchart or pin board paper also to be attached with magnets.

One meter of Junior rail, single lane, with clamp rail for papers, front and side covers: 1000 mm
One meter of senior rail, single lane, with clamp rail for papers, with front and side covers: 1000 mm
Pair of hooks for hanging boards.

Pinboard, grey felt, Blue felt, Natural cork: 1500 x 1200 mm
Pinboard, grey felt, Blue felt, Natural cork: 1500 x 1000 mm