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Wave space modules
Acoustic object and paravent WAVE
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Product description

Felt arranged in waves on a black metal framework

Dimension Suspended module, additional element incl. Reutlinger, without steel rope: W 150 × H 60 × D 9 cm

The successful, highly sound-absorbing series WAVE gets extended by new wall modules and an addition to the suspended module. This way even more versatile design options arise when using the repeatedly awarded product line WAVE in space. The new acoustic pinboard in A0 complements the wall panels in a most functional way. The new rugs complete the variety of multi-coloured rugs. The seat cushion for the chair Babila is another seat pad for designer chairs in the HEY-SIGN standard assortment.

New modules for series WAVE
At times relaxing and retreating possibilities are getting more important than ever, soundabsorbing furnishing elements are required. As a perfect addition to the existing acoustic series WAVE, HEY-SIGN is now offering two additional wall modules and add-on elements to the suspended module WAVE.
The two grand wall modules measure 80 x 158 cm resp. 80 x 178 cm. The square module, available in a vertical and a horizontal wave structure, measures 40 x 40 cm. All wall modules come with holders to fix them at the wall. The new system allows for multiple ways of combination.
The add-on pieces of the suspended modules in 40 x 150 cm and 60 x 150 cm allow the free hanging of several elements on top of the other.
As with all models of this range, the frames are almost completely covered with 3 mm wool felt and therefore are hardly visible. The materiality of the felt stays in the foreground, has a sound-absorbing effect and cares for a healthy indoor climate.
Combining these new models with the existing room dividers, suspended, wall and table modules, HEY-SIGN offers an immense variety of ways to reduce indoor acoustic noise and to separate open office and living environments individually and effectively. Thanks to the great number of HEY-SIGN colours, the acoustic elements can easily get aligned with existing room concepts.

Award-winning acoustic series WAVE!
After room divider WAVE was honoured with Interior Innovation Award Winner in 2015 already, the suspended, wall and table modules of the same series achieved Winner in the Red Dot Design Award in 2017 as well as Special in the German Design Award contest of the same year.

Room Acoustics
For customers from the sector interior design, HEY-SIGN has initiated acoustic measurements. Because of its construction, WAVE performed extraordinarily well.
Mathias Hey: “According to these measurements, in particular screen WAVE provides top sound absorption for a healthy indoor climate. Because of its waves, this screen keeps the sound where it belongs.”

Product family


The room divider Wave cares for pleasant silence. 3 mm strong wool felt is arranged in waves. In total 5 linear meters per element are in use. This way the sound-absorbing effect of this room divider potentiates extraordinarily.
The black aluminium frame of 160 x 160 cm is almost completely covered with felt. The connecting points are made of felt and can be removed for an easy handling when extending it. The materiality of the felt stays in the foreground.

Now also available – disc bases. With these all paravents can now also be used individually as room divisions.
As an alternative to colour silver, the metal framework is now also available in black in size 80 x 160 cm without surcharge.

Available in 43 colours

In 2016 the award-winning paravent WAVE will be extended by a wall, a room as well as a table module. These modules optically separate individual areas from each other and protect them acoustically. For the new module, 3 mm wool felt will be strung together like waves, as well as done with the established objects of the WAVE range. Almost 10 linear meters of material is required per element which intensifies the sound-absorbing effect. The new wall module WAVE has a mounting to attach to the wall. The appropriate suspended module manifests itself through the special suspension device. A table module is equipped with two adjustable feet. As with all models of this range, the frames are almost completely covered with felt and therefore hardly visible; the focus is on the materiality of the wave-like manufactured felt.

NEWS 2017
Acoustics line WAVE, which has already received important design prizes, will grow by spring 2017: New is a half-round room divider which is – placed individually or in a row as a ‘WAVE’ – the perfect wave to shield smaller or larger isles or rest areas. As with all products of the line WAVE, HEY-SIGN relies on the characteristics of wool felt which absorbs sound naturally and has positive effects on the room atmosphere.