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High Box M
High Box
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Feltbox with handles. What a standing! The new big boxes HIGH BOX show veritable grandeur with sizes
30 x 30 x 45 cm up to 45 x 45 x 68 cm. By their straight appearance they are not only collecting point for the most different things but also take effect as key-piece and interior design element. The models are designed in a way that the top rims of the box meet in the middle so that the content remains optically hidden.This way this spacious box is also suitable for all belongings which are not meant to be presented.

HIGH BOX extends the HEY-SIGN collection of big boxes in a very distinctive way. Thanks to the great variety of HEY-SIGN boxes in all 45 HEY-SIGN colours, the possibilities for combining them are manifold to enrich your living surrounding.

Did you know that wool felt, because of its special properties, is absorbing humidity, filters the air and neutralises odours in a natural way?

Dimension S: 30 cm × 30 cm × 45 cm, M: 35 cm × 35 cm × 53 cm, L: 40 cm × 40 cm × 60 cm, XL: 45 cm × 45 cm × 68 cm Wool felt of 100% pure new wool.

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