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T_up desk system
T_up Desk system
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T_up is a comprehensive and cost-effective desk system from the Haworth Design Studio. Its intelligent platform design provides for easy assembly into numerous configurations and its storage options transform a simple desk into an efficient and integrated workspace.

The central beam design allows for different legs meaning T_up can scale from a single desk to a workstation bench or even meeting tables. A height-adjustable leg option allows individual workstation customisation, while the storage elements can be integrated into the desk with no additional parts or pieces, thus reducing cost without compromising stability.

In line with Haworth product philosophy, T_up has been designed and engineered to work seamlessly with other Haworth products and to support Haworth’s Design for the Environment principles – as few parts and pieces as possible, modular components and quick assembly.

Integration, adaptability and sustainability, T_up displays the kind of flexibility organisations require.