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Designed by Emmanuel Dietrich the Epure range enables companies to avoid furnishing constraints, while offering many functionalities and layout solutions: optimisation of space, extreme ease of installation and reconfiguration, easy furniture fleet management, new ergonomics of workstations related to modern technologies, personalisation and durability of the installations, environmental care. The structural worktop makes it possible to be free from any carrying structure, while guaranteeing the workstation a high level of sturdiness and rigidity. The legs can be shared. The component number to be managed and installed is considerably reduced, space available under the worktop is increased.
Epure is available in gradual solutions ; its components are assembled without tools thanks to the universal Diabolo milled head.
The range also proposes desk-height independent or side load bearing pedestals, mobile pedestals on standard castors, or personalised pedestals on roller castors.
Epure has been certified NF Environment. This certificate is the official French ecological certification. It is awarded to products that have a reduced effect on the environment while offering an equivalent performance.